We only sell original sensors with a traceable origin, either directly from the manufacturers or their distributors, and everything else that does not meet our quality standards, we hold towards our customers.

Especially for parts that are delivered from the Far East, even at a fraction of the price that is payable to the manufacturer in this country, we can not guarantee the authenticity and quality, so we will never include such parts in our program. If we offer you a product from a manufacturer, you have the certainty of receiving just that. This gives you the same quality that the vehicle manufacturer buys and uses.

Especially with tire pressure sensors of lower quality can not be guaranteed that they meet the same requirements that are given in the original product of the sensor manufacturers. These are for example:

The function of the battery and the sensor of approx. 7-10 years, the seller has only 2 years to be responsible for it, after 6 months you even have to prove that the defect has existed from the beginning.
Stability of the sensor and valve kit. If the sensor detaches from the valve and loosely travels in the tire, it will fail quickly and the tire may also become damaged and unusable
A Schrader sensor, which is produced in the UK, suddenly comes from various Far Eastern online shops at a lower price than it costs here in the EU, here you should be skeptical whether it is the same quality, if the sensor is genuine and if you are to suspend the risk of acquiring plagiarism. In addition to the quality riscio, criminal consequences for the buyer can also be threatened here.

Buy only original parts from the vehicle manufacturers or the corresponding parts of the suppliers. Huf, Schrader, VDO, Tyresure and Alligator are manufacturers where the automotive industry buys, there are even more manufacturers, but on the one hand we cover almost the whole market with our assortment, on the other hand we can guarantee you quality here and be sure you to have delivered the best products.