Why choose the original from Ateq?

For some time now we have also been selling Ateq and Tyresure products here in the online shop. Especially when it comes to servicing tyre pressure monitoring systems, a device that can really operate all current vehicles, even those that have just come onto the market, pays off, especially during peak times in the season. For the latter one should be able to configure further wheel sets in order to offer an increase in value to the customer here.

If you now take the VT56 series, you will find the devices not only at Ateq, but also at VDO, Huf, Alcar and a few other brands. Now in this country they are more familiar with the name VDO or Huf, Ateq is less known, so they are already considering buying and using the proven brands. Normally nothing speaks against that, but here we would decide in favour of Ateq, because there are several advantages to the original:

Ateq delivers updates promptly to its devices, so in principle Ateq is always more up-to-date than its colleagues from the other brands, which is often what gives it the edge. In addition, the sensor manufacturers work closely with Ateq, so they are always the first to have the latest vehicles in the device. With the other brands, it often takes some time for them to offer the updates.

Software developments are always the first to be developed by Ateq, the other brands do not bring them in until later or sometimes do without these extensions altogether; at Ateq you can be sure to get everything.

Ateq's service, when a -very rare- problem arises, you are directly at the right address to get first-hand help. This gives you the security of being able to rely on your device.

Ateq is the only supplier to deliver the VT56SE, which is a VT56 with reduced functionality and limited to the European vehicle market, including of course the Asian and American vehicles sold in Europe. The only disadvantage for some customers is the lack of an interface to the printer.

Finally, with Tyresure there is another sensor manufacturer as a partner who, in addition to its proven T-Pro 3.5 hybrid sensors, also offers Ateq devices that can be used specifically with the T-Pro. Here you initially have access to updates for 5 years without having to buy annual licenses. Readout and service for OE sensors is still possible in the basic version without any problems, so that the H46 and H36 can be the alternative for small to medium tireshops.