Why choose the original from Ateq?

We have also been selling Ateq and Tyresure products here in our online shop for some time. Especially when it comes to servicing tyre pressure monitoring systems, it pays to have a device that can really serve all current vehicles, including those that have just come onto the market, especially during peak times in the season. For the latter, one should be able to configure additional sets of wheels in order to offer the customer added value here.

If you now take the VT56 series, you will find the devices not only at Ateq, but also at VDO, Huf, Alcar and a few other brands, this will certainly be similar with the new devices, we have already seen the first announcements here. Now in this country people are more familiar with the names VDO or Huf, Ateq is less well known, so they are already considering buying in and using the proven brands. Normally there is nothing to be said against this, but especially here we would decide in favour of Ateq, because there are various advantages with the original:

Ateq delivers updates to its devices promptly, so the Ateq is always more up-to-date than its colleagues from the other brands, which is often what gives it the edge. In addition, the sensor manufacturers work closely with Ateq, so you are always the first to have the latest vehicles in your device. It often takes some time for the other brands to offer updates.

Ateq is always the first to bring software developments, the other brands only bring these later or sometimes do without these extensions altogether, with Ateq you can be sure to get everything, and this before the licence devices.

The service at Ateq, if a - very rarely occurring - problem arises, you are directly at the right address to get first-hand help. This gives you the security of being able to rely on your device. With the licensed devices, it can happen that they also go to Ateq, but with intermediate stops, which then result in annoying downtimes in the workshop. We have already had problems that Ateq was able to solve directly with the customer via remote access, whether this would also have worked with the licensed devices, we dare to doubt here (we are of course happy to be proven wrong).

Of course, we also know that some of our customers have certain specifications regarding the brand of equipment, so we will continue to include the respective licensed products in the programme as before.

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