History of Autotechnik24

It was already in 1980 when I always had to bring back some parts for my mates or order with our mopeds. Somehow it turned out that I always had the best addresses when it came to procuring material, whether it was to make the things faster or only to repair them.

At some point, motorcycles and the need for parts grew more and more from the mopeds. The whole thing became more extensive and interesting, meanwhile many people had the same idea and so began slowly and surely a whole industry to live. We therefore had the same time thought, not only to organize ourselves parts, but also to supply a few mechanics who screwed better than to act. And we could have called ourselves wholesale. But since many of our customers were bigger than us (no art, there has been a 3-man-company for this), we have rather let it go and just continue as before, without being equal madness. This has remained so to this day.

In 1992, I had the idea to add my own tire-mounting machine with everything else you would need to miss a new sock, because my comrade got cold feet, because he had calculated that he would be the next few years only Work for these things. So I bought the whole thing by myself and did not have to ask any more when it came to procuring something or other decisions, I was now the only chairman of my company, which should always turn out to be very beneficial. On 7.8.1992 the company then went to the start.

So the next 10 years went into the country and again and again ideas were born and many of them were rejected, some good contacts were made, here I would like the guys of Justice Brothers in Duarte (USA), Airco Techniek in Groningen (NL) (Our legendary JB80 belongs to this!) On the market, our suppliers for tires and other parts were also channeled more and more, until then only 2-3 big Suppliers on parts and even tires on tires. The trade in motorcycle parts was at any time driven to zero because more and more of our suppliers terminated this division and we were no longer able to deliver the parts in the quality required by us without having a different supplier for almost every part type, Which increases the effort to an unhealthy degree. The newer cars with ever more complex subassemblies and more complex repair processes should change a lot for the next few years, but we have always found ways to go with it. In the early 2000s the Pierburg air mass sensors were added, initially as a replacement for problematic Bosch parts in Mercedes-Benz, shortly afterwards also for the problem children of the VAG engines. These sensors have become a part of our history, as we have sold thousands of these parts to date, and thus have ensured that the cars made their owners happy.

In 2018 we were not idle ...

  • Import of Ateq devices taken over ...
    Here is the original, just the VT56 is sold by many well-known manufacturers such as Huf or VDO under their own brand, but the software comes from Ateq. Thus, the originals are usually maintained faster with new software and sensor or vehicle data. For the user, this means the greatest possible flexibility. Due to the self-import, we were also able to realize favorable prices.
  • With MAX sensors, we have a sensor family in the TPMS area, which makes it possible to react flexibly to any application, e.g. we don't have to worry when suddenly a US vehicle with 315MHz is in the yard. After it became possible to program these sensors with the Ateq VT56, we also included it here in the shop. Here we have found a cheap way, whereby the storage costs in the tire trade can be significantly optimized again.
  • In addition to the Ateq devices, we have also included the sensors of Tyresure in the program, these are characterized by the low price and can also be used as a hybrid in the respective application. With the sensor, the rubber valve can be exchanged for a metal valve at any time, and vice versa, so that no bottlenecks of a valve type can arise here. The new 1.5s are also characterized that they can be programmed within a few seconds, which significantly reduces the application time and costs.

Also in 2019 we will have some surprises, so check back often and see for yourself. Of course, we also accept your suggestions and try to implement here in your interest further activities.