Only the German version is valid, this translation is for your information only!

Payments can be made quick and easy here:

  1. Check / Money-Order (Payment in advance)
    After your order you´ll get a confirmation on screen and via e-mail with all needed informations to make a payment of the order-amount. This method simple and you do it in the same way as your other payments you do in that way. After receiving your payment we´ll send out your order immediately. Please note that payments will take up to 3 days inside of germay and up to 10 days from foreign countries.

  2. Cash on delivery (only for registered customers available)
    Using this method, you pay your order when you get it. The carrier delivers your goods and you pay the amount plus some fees, these can vary depending on the location where the goods are to deliver. Inside of Germany you pay 6,90 EUR. To other countries the fees can be higher, these well be displayed on checking out with an order.

  3. PayPal (Credit-Cards or charged balance)
    Here you will be directed to PayPal´s site where you make your payment, you can use a credit-card or a charged balance to make this transaction. After payment you will be redirected to us to finish your order. Please note that it´s recommended to return to our shop to finish your order there, you will get the information of the succesful order on screen and via e-mail.

  4. "Sofortüberweisung" (a product of Sofort GmbH)
    This payment method combines fast payment with Money-order-payment, your payment is as fast as credit-card-payment, you only need a german bank-account with online-banking-feature, most of  banks in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium and UK accept this method. You don´t have to register any account and immediately after getting the payment-confirmation we send out your goods.  This method also requires the redirection to the shop after payment. 

Money-order and PayPal-payments work nearly worldwide, Cash-on delivery in several countries and Germany, Sofortüberweisung in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Poland, Spain, France, Hungary, Czech Republik, Slovakia and UK.

We waive further payment methods on the site, as they may provide details of your purchases to third parties, which may result in confidential information being used between you as a buyer and us as a seller in an inappropriate and unintended manner. This does not comply with our privacy policy, which is our top priority.