Stop&Go 8 PlusMinus (07544)


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Marten defense Stop&Go 8 PlusMinus

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High-voltage unit with 6 double-contact-plates of stainless steel, ultrasonic and LED

New cars have a lot of plastics, so there is recommended to use contact-plates with their own minus-polarity connection to let it work correctly.
The STOP&GO 1 PLUS (Art. 07544) charges a condenser up to 200-300V. The 6 contact-plates give an electrical shock to the marten, but not hazardous for the animal.

It has 2 piezo-speakers and no contact-switch for the enginecover is needed, because it can be switched off directly at the unit. The new sensioric detects the motion of the car and switches off, while the car is in motion.

The contact-plates can be places individually, so it´s suitable for all kind of vehicles. Fo optimum effect we recommend to fit the plates in the upper area of the engine-area. The control-light indicates enough voltage, and it irritates the marten additionally. The STOP&GO 1 PLUS is CAN-Bus compatible. The consumtion of current is about 0,4 mA.

  •         Works with 2 lithium-batteries (for ca. 18 months)
  •         6 contact-plates of stainless steel with plus- and minus polarity
  •         Ca. 0,4 mA consumption
  •         CAN-Bus compatible
  •         Frequency 20-25 kHz
  •         Ultrasonic with frequency modulation
  •         Soundpressure min. 110dB
  •         Effective sound-output-angle 170°
  •         Control-lights for ultrasonic and high-voltage functions
  •         Panic-protection-circuit
  •         Ready fitted unit


Instructions 8-Plusminus (GER)

Instructions Stop&Go 8 Plusminus (German)

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