Huf Set (4pcs.) RDE027V21 TPM-Sensor BMW


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Set with 4 pieces of Huf RDE 027 V21 tire pressure sensor for BMW, Mini and Alpina, can be used as a replacement for the TPMS original equipment, or for a second wheel set. OE: 36106856209

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Set with 4 pieces of Huf RDE027V21

This Tyre pressure sensor fits:


Reference number (s):
BMW 36106856209

OEM replacement for serial sensor

 Alpina Alpina 3 F30   (from 1/2013 to EOP)
 Alpina Alpina 3 F32  (from 4/2013 to EOP)
 Alpina Alpina 4 F32  (from 3/2014 to EOP)
 BMW 1-Series (LCV) F20  (from 6/2014 to EOP)
 BMW 1-Series E80   (from 6/2014 to EOP)
 BMW 1-Series F20   (from 7/2011 to 12/2019)
 BMW 2-Series Active Tourer F45 (from 7/2014 to 6/2021)
 BMW 2-Series F22   (from 11/2013 to EOP)
 BMW 2-Series Gran Tourer F46  (from 1/2015 to EOP)
 BMW 3-Series (LCV) F30  (from 5/2014 to EOP)
 BMW 3-Series F30   (from 11/2011 to 12/2019)
 BMW 3-Series GT F34   (from 3/2013 to 01/2020)
 BMW 4-Series F32   (from 10/2013 to EOP)
 BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe F36  (from 7/2014 to EOP)
 BMW i3 I01    (from 8/2013 to EOP)
 BMW i8 I12    (from 1/2014 to EOP)
 BMW X1 F48    (from 7/2015 to 12/2021)
 BMW X5 (LCV) F15   (from 6/2014 to EOP)
 BMW X5 F15    (from 5/2013 to 03/2020)
 BMW X6 (LCV) F16   (from 10/2015 to EOP)
 BMW X6 F16    (from 8/2014 to EOP)
 BMW X6 F16    (from 8/2015 to 7/2021)
 Mini Clubman    (LCV) F54 (from 1/2015 to EOP)
 Mini Clubman F54   (from 7/2015 to 06/2022)
 Mini Clubvan F54   (from 7/2015 to 05/2022)
 Mini Mini (LCV) F56   (from 1/2014 to EOP)
 Mini Mini (LCV) R56   (from 3/2014 to EOP)
 Mini Mini F56    (from 12/2013 to EOP)
 Mini Mini R56    (from 6/2014 to EOP)

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