Laser-Thermometer with Beeper Busching 100439


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Laser-Thermometer with Beeper Busching 100439

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Laser-Thermometer with Beeper Busching 100439


With the "Thermo-Beeper" you reliably measure surface temperatures.
Therefore, it is a great aid to e.g. faults in the engine, as well as to check the catalytic converter, cooling and heating circuits or to check air conditioning systems. The laser helps in the sighting of the measuring object. Temperature-related disturbances are displayed acoustically to find the hottest or coldest point in difficult to reach places without having to look at the display.

To determine the reference temperature, use the Thermo-Beeper to show the range to be measured and then press the power/holding function key. The laser can be activated as an option. When the acoustics mode is activated, the temperature deviation from the reference temperature is displayed. The higher the deviation of temperature in heat the faster the frequency of the beep - and differently. The temperature can be read on the LCD display.

About the device:
• Ergonomic design for better handling and use
• Optimal distance to the surface to be measured is 10: 1
• Large display (LCD) with symbols and background lighting
• Fast switching between °C / °F
• Rubbercase for protection against impacts
• Automatic shutdown after 7 seconds
• The measurement result is displayed within 0.5 seconds

Technical specifications:
• 3 ½ digit LCD display
• Acoustic signal
• Measuring / holding function
• Laser
• Critical battery warning
• Measuring range: -30° to 650°C (-20° to 1200°F)
• Resolution: 0.1 to 1 (C ° or F)
• Operating temperature: 0° to 50°C (32° to 122°F)
• Response time: <500ms
• Visual field: ratio 10: 1, minimum diameter of 25mm
• Power supply: 9 Volt battery (about 20 hours)
• Dimensions: 178mm x 48mm x 80mm

Application areas:
• Detection of overheating in electrical components, plug connections and cables
• For the diagnosis of cooling systems and catalysts
• Quickly check the temperature of spark plugs, cylinders, injectors, wheel bearings, tires and asphalt for motor sport, air conditioning / heating

BUSCHiNG Article no. 100439
Technical specifications
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