Gussin Universal Sensor TPMS

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Gussin Universal Sensor TPMS
315+433 MHz

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Gussin TPMS-Sensor universal

Since we are concerned about the stockkeeping in the seasonal business every year anew, we have finally found the solution that meets all requirements.

The sensor is a real chameleon in terms of flexibility:
3 different valve versions possible:
- Rubber valve black
- Metal valve silver colored
- Metal valve black

In addition to the usual frequency of 433 MHz, the sensor also has a 315 MHz mode (dual band), with which e.g. US vehicles are still partly on the road. This frequency may not be used in the EU, but one is at least able to operate such applications. The sensor can currently be programmed with the Ateq VT36, VT56 and VT46. If Ateq implements this, the other device manufacturers will normally follow shortly after.

Due to their design, Gussin sensors achieve a higher transmission performance than many other sensors because the antenna has been positioned in such a way that even with extremely low-profile tires and the resulting shielding of the sensor in the wheel, reliable communication with the ECU still takes place. This is all the more important if an installed sensor is still to be programmed. The seamless laser welded housing contributes to the low weight (approx. 26g) of the sensor including valve. Inside there are high quality components, which are characterized by high temperature resistance, the chipset manufacturers are Freescale (NXP) or Infineon, batteries from well-known manufacturers (Panasonic or Maxell) ensure a long and reliable service life.

With this sensor you are able to equip most of the vehicles on the market with sensors, as a dealer to show the customer competence when it comes to replacement sensors or a set for the winter wheels, as a car driver to install a high quality sensor for as little money as possible, which works as reliable as the original equipment, including the option to reprogram the sensors for another car.

Your warehouse will not be unnecessarily burdened by unsaleable sensors, which you just have there to be prepared for all eventualities, and later write off large sums of money because the sensors have to be disposed of at some point. Most of our customers only store universal sensors, but if a vehicle cannot be equipped with these sensors, we can still get the right sensors within 1-2 days and let the customer drive away satisfied. But this will happen rather rarely. The most important aspect here is that you will never have outdated sensors in the warehouse, the throughput in daily business will always ensure that the warehouse rotates sufficiently fast.

What are the benefits of dualband?
Not much, since the system usually works with 433 MHz. But since Gussin sells its sensors worldwide, it made more sense to have both frequencies in the sensor than to run 2 product lines. The additional costs should be less than 1 cent, two product lines cause significantly more costs, so the dual band option does not cause any noticeable additional costs compared to a pure 433 or 315 MHz sensor. But if one customer comes along with his US vehicle which works with 315 MHz, you will have been able to operate it, even if this happens maybe only every 1-2 years.

Further data:
  • Pressure range up to 10.3 Bar (150 Psi)
  • Accuracy +/- 0.07 Bar (1 Psi)
  • Temperature range -40 to 125°C
  • accuracy +/- 1°C
  • Weight incl. valve only 26g




Gut und absolut günstig

Ich habe nach bezahlbaren Sensoren für meine Winterräder gesucht. Die hier wurden für meinen Wagen passend angeboten und fertig programmiert geliefert. Funktionieren perfekt, wie die originalen Sensoren im Sommerrädersatz. Gekostet hat es mich ein Drittel.

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