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Glue Sensor for our Retrofit Van/Camper - TPMS-Kit

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TPM sensor bonded version for our Retrofit Camper/Van

When using our retrofit system for vans/camper vans, there is sometimes the problem that the sensors cannot be installed due to the shape of the rim or special valve holes. Before resorting to an unsafe and dangerous solution with sensors in valve caps to retrofit a tyre pressure monitoring system, we can offer a sensor for our system that is housed in a rubber container. The rubber container is glued into the tyre and then holds the sensor.
With this system, safe and reliable use of our retrofit kit is possible without having to make any compromises.

The container is mounted in the same way as a tyre repair using cold vulcanisation. For this purpose, the inner liner is simply pre-treated at the mounting point, e.g. with Liquid Buffer, then vulcanising cement is applied and the whole thing is allowed to flash off for approx. 10-15 minutes so that the solvents from the vulcanising cement can volatilise. After drying (finger back test), remove the blue protective film from the rubber container and press it firmly against the rubber container. It is advisable to use a pressure roller at the edges so that the transition is as smooth as possible. Afterwards, it is advisable - as with a tyre repair - to use an inner liner sealant to prevent air from getting behind the container and possibly pushing it off the tyre.

When fitting new tyres, the old container remains in the tyre and a new container (available separately) is fitted in the new tyre, into which the sensor is then inserted. We recommend mounting in the area of the DOT marking so that the position of the sensor can be taken into account when removing the tyre so as not to damage it.

Technical data:
Pressure range: 0-13 bar
Frequency: 433.92 MHz
Temperature range: -40°C to 125°C
Transmitting power: <5dBm
Pressure accuracy +/- 0,1 Bar
Temperature accuracy +/- 3°C
Dimensions (incl. container): 68mm diameter, height 21mm (sensor)
Weight: 31g

WEEE-Nr. DE 26395153


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